A new event, a new experience, a new way of thinking

The Social Enterprise Exchange Marketplace was held on Tuesday 21 March 2017 in the Corn Exchange, New Market Road, Edinburgh.

A dynamic and exciting one day event, the Exchange featured a marketplace of over 90 exhibitors and a diverse mix of hundreds of delegates – with many opportunities for trading, learning and making new business connections – helping take Scotland’s brilliant social enterprises forward.


Details On The 2017 Event…

The Social Enterprise Exchange Marketplace 2017 will provide an opportunity to share knowledge, challenge old thinking and orthodoxy and consider new campaigns around a number of crucial topics – from housing to social care, person centred services, natural capital, sustaining impact, community empowerment, ethical finance, inclusive growth and much more.

Discussions will create space to build upon the growing understanding of the way in which social enterprise is viewed by the public and private sectors, and capture the energy of consumer-facing social enterprise.

The event will coincide with an exciting, yet challenging, time for Scotland. New powers for The Scottish Parliament, local government elections on the horizon, the implementation of the 10 year Social Enterprise Strategy for Scotland and, of course, the Brexit challenge of UK withdrawal from the European Union.

At the last Social Enterprise Exchange, held in the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre, more than 75% of people traded on the day or developed connections they expected to lead to a business opportunity.

We again expect high levels of business opportunities to emerge and hope to create a marketplace environment where goods and services are traded, joint ventures and partnerships are born, contract opportunities emerge and supply chain relationships take shape.

The event programme will also allow delegates and exhibitors to explore the implementation of the Action Plan emerging from the Social Enterprise Strategy for Scotland and consider how to embed social enterprise within the mainstream of Scotland’s economy – contributing to the twin challenges of competitiveness and tackling inequality set out in Scotland’s Economic Strategy.

The programme will bristle with interesting topics and opportunities to listen to some of the most creative people in social enterprise.

For example The Melting Pot will bring their, always enjoyable, live storytelling format ‘chat show’ to the event, with three inspiring social entrepreneurs candidly sharing their personal stories in front of a live audience.